In Introduction to DevOps students will learn core DevOps principles, common tools and methodologies and how they can be leveraged in their organization. Students will start by learning core DevOps principles and methodologies, then we will discuss how you can successfully transform your organization’s culture, breaking down traditional silos. You will also learn cross-functional processes and the tools and methodologies that support them. The course is modular, flexible and highly interactive, with extensive hands-on examples.

After completing this course, students will understand the practices used by the DevOps community and how these practices can be leveraged in your organization. You will leave with a base level of knowledge of where to start with some of the common tools and methodologies.

This course is recommended to any company about to start or in the process of a DevOps transformation. Attending this course will ensure the same base level of understanding and appreciation of what’s required to achieve a DevOps culture, the first and most important step in adopting DevOps.

This course is delivered through a mix of instructor-led training (ILT – online/offline) and hands-on labs.

2 Days

Course price: INR 20,000 + 15% ST

What is DevOps and why it’s important

The origins of DevOps

DevOps culture

Achieving cultural change

Pipeline orchestration

Transitioning to DevOps

Examples of DevOps in practice

Understanding DevOps practices

Continuous integration

Test automation

Continuous delivery

Infrastructure as code